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ReNu2Cycle – funded by Interreg NWE

Enhancing Agricultural Sustainability: ReNu2Cycle Project Develops Recycling-Based Fertilizers

In the project ReNu2Cycle (REcycling of NUtrients to close the fertiliser CYCLE), recycling-based fertilizers are being developed to ensure agricultural supply and reduce dependency on Russian imports. The project partners come from Luxembourg, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The lead is taken by the Saarland Institute for Future Energy and Material Flow Systems (IZES).

Enhancing Regional Nutrient Sustainability: Reducing Reliance on Fossil-Based Fertilizer Imports in NWE

Reduce NWE dependency on fossil-based fertilizer imports with proven impacts on availability, ecol. foot-print & price stability. Valorisation of recycled Nitrogene, Potassium and Kalium from municipal-, industrial waste & agric. sector to provide transregional nutrient supply-demand strategies in Flanders, NL, IE, Saarland, Lower Saxony, Luxembourg) with reg. specifications (nutrient deficit-surplus) in a joint NWE transition environment.

Part of a European research team

eco:novis participates actively in all work packages of the project and aims at creating a solid ground base for usage and distribution of RDFs in Luxemburg. As recently discussed with Fertilux SA (Luxemburgish fertilizer producer working with RDFs), there is a gap of knowledge on RDFs in Luxemburg and therefore it is necessary to sensitise stakeholders on how they work and can be applied in agricultural or horticultural sectors. Within the first activity, the national regulatory framework in RDFs will be analysed, their origin and their flows defined, and then creating visualised materials on available RDFs in the region. Next, eco:novis will take the responsibility over the economical assessment (Del. 1.2.3) enabling to identify the real costs of RDF in Luxembourg. In addition, a big effort will be made in monetising the political independence and social gains from broad application of RDFs. The contribution to Act. 2 will be on a large scale, as eco:novis will participate in blending the RDFs, such as green waste compost, ashes from green waste and other organic waste, fermentation residues, by using facilities of the partners. It is planned to produce a larger amount of each blend and provide them finally for field trials in accordance with the local regulations. Throughout all the activities, strong collaboration in dissemination of the project and creating specific informational materials exclusively tailored for the stakeholder groups (such as farmers, or horticulture sector) will be performed.



ReNu2Cycle (REcycling of NUtrients to close the fertiliser CYCLE)

Project management - eco:novis Ingénieurs-Conseils

Representative Luxembourg / Germany
Alex Kolomijtschuk

Project leader - IZES gGmbH

Representative North-West-Europe / Germany
Prof. Frank Baur

Contact person
Mr. Bernhard Wern

Further information

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